Looking At Annulments And Divorce Mediations

Divorce vs Annulement

Divorce is like an annulment in which a court system terminates or ends a marriage. An annulment is not like divorce in that an annulment treats the wedding like it never occurred. Some people still believe divorce bears a stigma, so they would preferably have their marriage annulled than arrange a divorce. You can also go through divorce mediation if you don’t want to go to court.

This kind of civil annulment is not to be involved with a religious divorce, which some people want so they can remarry in their church or religion. A religious divorce can only be done by your clergy or church and has no legal impact on marital status as far as the state is concerned.

If you file an annulment, your spouse can reply to your accusation by filing an answer and/or a counterclaim. If your spouse files a response, the court will schedule a case management conference within 90 days. After the meeting, the judge will schedule a trial to decide whether an annulment is relevant in your case. At a discussion, you and your spouse will have to prove, and you can give the judge other proof to support your claim.

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